Financial planning and investments
for artists & entrepreneurs
Family Office
Momentum has been successfully supporting entrepreneurs and artists since 2019. You use your time to run your business or embark on that big tour. We are here to take care of you when it comes to your wealth.

Based on our personal conversations, we create a financial plan and put your assets to work for you. We handle financial privacy and, if you wish, wealth transfer to the next generation.

Everything we do is tailor-made. To achieve this, we communicate directly with your core advisors, providing you with peace of mind.
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Asset Management
We are not a wealth management firm as there are already plenty of those. What we love to do is to share our expertise and network with you. We are unbiased in our advice and based on your preferences, we connect you with the best parties in the market and guide you in making a choice among them.

We have the top asset managers in the market in our network and the knowledge in-house to evaluate their products. Momentum then administers, reports, and coordinates your wealth. By partnering with us, our clients stay one step ahead and get the most out of their wealth.
Private Markets
Through our network, we provide you access to the best opportunities for investing in Private Markets. These often offer a (much) higher return than for example listed stock markets and contribute to diversification of your portfolio but are also illiquid and not suitable for everyone. That's why we ensure a thorough planning.
Real Estate
This is one of the possible building blocks for a balanced allocation in your wealth. We have extensive experience in (international) real estate, both in building portfolios with existing properties and in real estate transformation.
Private Debt Loans
Private debt loans can be used to generate a strong return with limited risk. We match borrowers and lenders without the involvement of a bank. Of course, we ensure thorough research, appraisals, reliable borrowers, and mortgage backed security.
Private Equity
We collaborate with the top international private equity funds. Often, the more successful the fund, the more inaccessible it is for private investors. Through our strong name in the market and the collective strength of our clients, we can provide access to these funds.
Funds invested in through us:
Club Deals
We search within our network for compelling investments that can be directly engaged in. This includes various real estate projects and friends & family investment rounds with leading companies.

Guiding our clients through the process of the sale of their business is a key element our expertise.
Know Your Customer (KYC) and Customer Due Diligence (CDD) are indispensable, especially when expanding or establishing financial relationships. This can cause significant delays and frustrations.

We take care of this process, ensuring that everything proceeds quickly and smoothly. Not only at the outset but also thereafter, allowing us to maintain a swift response.
Estate Planning
Not the most pleasant topic, but crucial. The sooner you start with this, the greater the potential fiscal advantage.
Our way
of doing business
We are your independent financial point of contact, working exclusively in your best interest. Our fee structure is aligned with this principle. We do not receive any fees from the parties we collaborate with, ensuring our independence.

We are selective in our partnerships. Momentum has a solid reputation, and we value it. We conduct thorough research on our business associates, only working with individuals and entities of integrity. Periodic checks are part of our process.

Interested in our way of doing business? We're happy to connect you with existing clients so you can hear firsthand about their experiences with our services.
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